Neuro de-escalation


Neuro De-escalation in practice is a new and innovative approach that applies the findings of neurobiology, attachment and trauma theory as well as body psychotherapy to the specific problem of escalation.

In this way it complements work with NVR as well as attachment-based approaches.

prevent and Interrupt

Neuro De-escalation guides people who are prone to escalation from the alarm system to the social engagement system at the onset of survival responsiveness.

Learn how to prevent and interrupt the activation of survival reactions and symmetrical escalation.


Neuro De-escalation equally works for children, young people and  adults. It does not depend on intelligence, age, physical nor mental state of the person. 

Participants of our seminars will

  • understand the neurobiological background of escalation
  • get to know basic approaches, techniques and ways of encountering the person who is prone to escalation that dramatically reduce the risk of escalation
  • accompany clients before, during and after escalation
  • know and apply techniques on the basis of an attachment orientated attitude that supports clients to switch back to the attachment system even after they have been triggered
  • practice dealing with escalation in systemic role play
  • understand escalation as opportunity to foster attachment
  • have deep experiences of ‘anchoring’ and remaining emotionally available under stress
  • learn attachment-inducing hands-on-body methods to apply at different stages of escalation
  • further develop their professional attitude through emotional understanding of escalation
  • become part of a network redesigning services and improving relationships.

Target Groups

We welcome not only professionals such as social workers, psychologists, psychiatrists, therapists and child mental health nurses, but also foster carers, residential carers and parents.

Join a community anchoring in mutual support even when the iron is hot.

Live or online – upon request

  • team trainings
  • workshops
  • lectures and keynotes
  • live supervision
  • case analyses
  • implementation on institutional level

online intro day

NeuroDe in a nutshell
This introduction is for professionals, carers and parents who deal with people with severe violence and aggression, trauma and high levels of arousal. 
Working language: English
via ZOOM on request
300-€ + VAT 

contact and registration

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with Christoph Göttl
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keynote speech

with Christoph Göttl
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